Hoplink : A service for all networks using the Calypso ticketing technology.

Hoplink : A service for all networks using the Calypso ticketing technology. You will help them to save time and make travelling easy.

How does it work?

A unique symbol for recognising the Hoplink service everywhere.

Your own travel-card, giving access to several networks, leading to simplified mobility.


Chris lives in Belgium and regularly travels to Lille for work.

He currently has :

1 Belgium Travel Card

+ 1 parking card

+ bus, tram and metro tickets for Lille

Hop, tomorrow
all his cards, tickets and parking rights can be hosted by his Pass if it bears the Hoplink logo.

Léa lives in Colmar and studies at Strasbourg.

She currently holds :

1 Strasbourg university card

+ 1 regional travel card

+ single tickets for Strasbourg

Hop, tomorrow
Léa will be able to regroup all her titles on her university card if she has the Hoplink logo.

The Alliance,

A unique charter for a unique solution

Hoplink, formerly known as Triangle, works on the basis of sharing and pooling within an Alliance, rather than on the basis of commercial agreements between networks. The Alliance consists of all the transport authorities, operators and service providers that have chosen to use Hoplink and that ensure its governance.

This governance defines and controls the business rules and ensures that security principles are complied with.

Each member of the Alliance signs the charter, which sets out its obligations towards all the other members.

Each new Hoplink signatory improves the value of the service offered to users. The greater the number of partners, the greater this value for all.

The Alliance members

Currently, a large number of transport authorities and operators have opted to sign up to Hoplink and thus opened up a wealth of new mobility services to their users. How about you?


  Bordeaux Métropole

  Brest Métropole Océane

  Carene Saint-Nazaire Agglomération

  Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque

  Conseil Général de la Côte d’Or

  Conseil Général des Côtes d’Armor

  Conseil Général d’Ille et Vilaine

  CTS Strasbourg

  De Lijn

  Grand Besançon

 Grand Châlon

 Grand Dijon

 Lille Métropole

 Lorient Agglomération

 Nantes Métropole

 Nîmes Métropole

 Quimper Communauté

 Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes

 Région Basse Normandie

 Région Bourgogne

 Région Bretagne

 Rennes Métropole

 Saint-Brieuc Agglomération



 SRWT – Groupe TEC


 TCRM Metz

 TML – Transportes Metropolitanos de   Lisboa

 Vectalia Cambrai

 Vitalis Grand Poitiers

 Wizway Solution


You have a question ? Want to know how to join the Hoplink Alliance? Would you like to read the Alliance Charter? The members of the Alliance board are at your disposal.

Alain Caffart

President of the Alliance

Director of Information Systems at CTS

Philippe Guillaumin

Secretary of the Alliance

Technical Coordinator at CNA

Manon Chaix

Hoplink Communication Officier